Pastor Sean


Pastor Sean Kinnally

Sean serves as the Pastor of Stone Mountain Baptist Church. A born-and-raised-New-Yorker, Sean moved out to San Diego for college. After finishing his Bachelor's Degree, he became a lay elder at a church in San Diego, CA while serving on the police force.

In 2020, Sean and a group of families decided to move to Nampa, Idaho and plant SMBC.

He likes reading, coffee, a good cigar and great conversation. Sean's best sport is a toss up between foosball and ping pong. He and his wife Ember have two children.



Deacon Lance


Deacon Lance Dussault

Lance has been faithfully serving as a Deacon of Stone Mountain Baptist Church since the spring of 2021.

He is in charge of all the practical aspects of our Lord’s Day service, as well as other administrative tasks for the church, including mercy ministries.

Lance is an avid recreation center basketball player, known most for his hustle and his sky hook.

Lance and his wife, Alex, have been married since 2020.